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In this section we suggest to examine opportunities of ScanIMAGER Professional products for creation of measurement’s documentation. One of the examples is the Church of Ascension (Belskoye Ustye)


Main features of ScanIMAGER Professional:


• upload scans containing billions of points
• bring together ( register) scans in a single system of coordinates
• color a cloud of points by set of digital pictures
create ortho-photos, projected on the specified planes 
• take the measurements according to the scan
receive object sections
• receive sections of details
• create planar views of curvilinear objects
• calculate volumes
• cut fragments
• export data to exchange formats
• keep a history of dealing with the possibility of cancellation
Work with ortho-photos 
• create colored ortho-photo
• editing ortho-photos:
delete points  
• select contour of volume figures
• calculate squares of given surfaces
• apply different filters:
Noise correction
Anti-aliasing/ blur
pseudocoloring (coloring object depending on inner distance)
obtaining negative
changing channels
subtraction ortho-photos
superimposing of coordinate grid
• export to graphic formats

Laser scanning of object.

Object’s photo - the Church of Ascension (Belskoye Ustye)

Example of pasting marks, creation of a reference network. Scanning

Data of scanning.
Scans from different points of scanning and consolidated.

Point model of object:



Scans of an interior of the church.


Data obtained from scans.

Cross sections and sections:


Ortho-photos of the church’s façade (grey, colored, pseudo and select contours):


Planar view of the church’s interior:


The results of processing the scan data.

Drawings (facade, section, plan, details)


3D model of church:

The ScanIMAGER program complex is distributed in different modifications. Read more about functional capabilities in Configurations.